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Deep Apnea
...taking you to the top!!!

Deep Apnea was created to design and manufacture professional Carbon Fiber fins and S-Glass Fiber Fins in the USA. As a company, our main goal is to produce the best freediving fins in the market today with the best materials, prices, and warranties to our customers.
We manufacture the blade using 100% carbon fiber or 100% S-Glass Fiber for our S-Glass Fins, combined with the highest quality of resins. They are then shaped in a laser cut mold to add precision to our blades. This allows us to deliver a competitive product with a proven performance ideal for the serious freediver. We are offering in the new Carbon line the 85cm model which is rated to 90ft, and the 100cm model which is rated to 110+ft, in the S-Glass Product Line we are offering 85cm in two designs, Whaoo Edition and Mahi Mahi Edition.

Deep Apnea was sponsor of the IV Campeonato Panamericano de Pesca Submarina, 2013.
Deep Apnea was sponsor of the 2013 U.S. National Spearfishing Championships.
Deep Apnea was the sponsor of the USA Team in 2012. Click on the link to see the special fins design we did for the team.

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