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F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

1.- Why Carbon Fiber "Aerospace Grade" blades?
There are too many Carbon Fiber types in the industry today, some of those are Commercial grade with a low tensile strength (Ksi), those Carbon can be use in many Cosmetic Application like Dash board for the auto industry, etc. but is not for high stress. In the other hand the Carbon Fiber Aerospace Grade has a really high tensile strength and the is used today in the Aerospace Industry where the tension and compression applied to the fiber is extremely high.
2.- What fin size and stiffness should I use?
Deep Apnea fins comes in three different sizes and each size in three different stiffness. There are too many variables involve to make a good selection of the fin. To give you an idea we are going to explain it with different scenarios:
Scenario #1: If you are a heavy guy (over 240 pounds) and Spearfish no more than 3 hours in a day maybe you are comfortable with an 85cm blade, hard stiffness, but if you are planning to spend in the water more than 5 hours then your are looking for an 85cm, Medium Stiffness, why? because you want to spend more time in the water and no decrease your apnea time.
Scenario #2: If the type of Spear fishing you are doing is on wrecks over 90 feet deep and planning to spend less than 3 hours in a day then you are looking for a 100 cm series with Medium Stiffness, to spend more time Spear fishing you will have to decrease the stiffness keeping the same blade length.
Scenario #3: If the type of Spear fishing involve a lot of surface swing over a coral reef and doing free dives under 60 ft you are probably in the 75 cm series, in this size the stiffness will depend on the personal preference.

In most cases the rule will be: If you increase the stiffness you are decreasing your time in the water and also the apnea time. Remember this is not a golden rule, every person has different strength, Spear Fish in different conditions and also has personal preferences, we are open to any discussion over the phone or via email to advise in case is needed.
The ideal will be to have more than one pair of fins to cover the most scenarios you are spear fishing Today, then you can choose what blade to use in certain condition.
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