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Comments from our customers

From: Martin Stepanek (

Martin Stepanek tested the Deep Apnea Fins 85 Medium for 4 weeks and here is the report:
It was a lot of fun to really test them out. I got them regularly over 200' depths and wore them 4-6 hrs at time. Here is my point of view on the fins:
Visually they are beautifully made and although I was a little bit worried about the narrow weave carbon fiber cloth ( I prefer wide weave for better response even though it is more fragile) they have pleasantly surprised me in the water as well. The fins are very stable and quiet. Due to their length they are more suitable for skinny and tall people or for freedivers with relaxed and wide kick. When use as described I got amazing amount of propulsion for literally no energy investment. You cannot expect much of maneuverability or ability to speed up from such a design but they are definitely among the weapons of my choice for deep aspetto hunting. The beauty of these ladies is that majority of deep diving fins are not comfortable for swimming on the surface but with these girls you can cover some distance with no lower back pain or burned out quads.

Martin Stepanek
13-time Freediving World Record Holder
Director of Education and Development
Freediving Instructors International

From: Jorge Mantilla:

Hey, just wanted to let you know that I love the fins that i purchased a about 6 months ago from nautilus. They are 85's and I fly on the surface and have power to get me back up from deep when needed. Here's a picture I thought you might like for w.e and check out the video I made when you can. Deep Ap's 4 life.

Jorge Mantilla

From: Alex Brixtol

I wanted to thank you for your help in sponsoring the USA 2012 WORLD SPEARFISHING TEAM, the fins that you have provided for me the DAC85H are by far the best fins I have tried out there reflective response from the bottom at deep dives is incredible it helps me kick less therefore conserving energy and very valuable oxygen. There design and carbon fiber apearance looks great.


From: Aj Hally

I only have good things to say about these fins I have recently been using them and have really impressed me, especially when it comes getting up off the bottom and getting back to the surface!
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